E-bike repair stand – Standard

2.300  + VAT

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The Standard version of the Ezoord e-bike repair stand incorporates an automatic and manual electric lift designed for heavy bicycles such as e-bikes, cargo bikes, but can also be used for all types of bicycles. This repair stand has a clamp that we have designed for all types of bicycles and to hold them to the seat post or frame of any type of material. It is also possible to anchor electric scooters and other vehicles that do not exceed the indicated weight. Repair safely and without any effort.

  • Clamp to hold all types of bicycles and frames.
  • Adjustable height and angle, 360º.
  • Seat adjustment position placing the bike at ground level.
  • ISP (Intelligent System Protection)
  • USB connection, accessories such as bottle-holder and tool tray.
  • Highly efficient multi voltage and switched mode power supply,

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  • 1 month trial
  • 3 years warranty
  • Prices for workshops, wholesale distributors or department stores.

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E-bike repair stand – Standard