360º Clamp to hold all types of bikes and electric scooters

Our electric bicycle stand has a rubber clamp that allows to hold all types of bicycles and scooters; thus, they are safe, stable and friction-free. The clamp adapts to the angle, thickness and shape of the frame. You can hold the bicycle at ground level and raise it on the bike stand, moving the bike to the desired position and height.

Lift scooters, e-bikes and bicycles up to 80 kg

No matter the weight of the ebike, bicycle or scooter,with the Ezoord electric bike lift you can safely lift up to 80 kg of weight.

360º mobility around the bicycle stand

The Ezoord electric bicycle lift does not need to be fixed to the floor, wall or ceiling, you can move the bike stand from one place to another very easily.

Saddle level position, handlebar and brakes

You can adjust the saddle level position, handlebar and brakes in a comfortable way, without having to release the bicycle from the stand.

Looking for an electric bike repair stand?

We explain all the data of our bike stands so that you can solve all your doubts, compare with other products or know the characteristics that make this support the best on the market:

  • Prices for workshops, department stores or more than one purchase.
  • Dimensions and weights?
  • How does it work?
  • Is it what your workshop needs?
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The strongest, most stable and mobile electric bike lift on the market

A stable base designed to prevent falls. You can leave the bike in the position in which you are working, anywhere and at any time and come back to the activity later.

Adjustable height and angle on the bike stand

Adjust the height and angle of the bike to the position you need with the control panel or the foot control of the electric bike lift. . You do not need to bend down to change a wheel or put your hands in awkward positions to adjust the bike’s brakes. With foot control you can adjust the height of the bike stand without using your hands, we have thought of it especially for when you have them greasy or holding parts or tools.

ISP security system (Intelligent System Protection)

Automatically avoid accidents.The ISP (Intelligent System Protection) intelligent anti-entrapment security system stops and goes back in the event of an impact or mechanical blockage, preventing parts of the body or elements of the bicycle from being trapped. This high security system is incorporated into the industrial products that we develop at Phoenix Mecano España [🡥].

Highly efficient multi voltage and switched mode power supply

No matter what country you are in, the Multi-Voltage Power Supply (110 – 230 VAC) with SMPS (Switching Mode Power Supply) adapts to the network, is compatible with all types of plugs.

Accessories and tray to make your work more agile

The electric bicycle lift incorporates a height-adjustable tray with the necessary compartments for tools, screws, accessories, etc. With this tray, it is not necessary to have an auxiliary tool car and you will avoid unnecessary obstacles during repair or assembly.