Types of bicycle repair support and stands: characteristics, operation and prices.

Tipos de soportes para reparar bicicletas

There are many, many and many different types of bicycle stands on the market, but in this article, we will talk about bicycle repair stands with their advantages and disadvantages, the prices around the market, and the most outstanding features.

We can mainly classify bike repair stands into two groups, basic stands, and lifts. The basic supports are simple structures and trestles used to repair bicycles and, their use is more widespread among hobbyists for three reasons: the cost, the little space they take when folded, and the occasional use compared to the needs of a repair bike workshop.

On the other hand, bicycle lifts are professional repair supports designed for constant use and all types of bicycles. Most bike shops or rental companies prefer these bike repair stands for their strength and stability.

In this article we are going to talk about different types of stands to repair bicycles:

Easels and basic bike supports

Price: between 20 and 600 euros.

They are essentially tripods with a clamp to hold the bike. In these supports, the price is related to quality, stability and sometimes, the brand. Light bikes, such as racing bikes, can be safely anchored to any of these repair stands, but when handling or turning them, the tripod must have a stable and versatile design or on the contrary, it may fall and damage the bike.


  • The price is the cheapest, its main advantage.
  • They are lighter than the models with a motor.
  • They take up little space when collected thus, you can carry them in the trunk.


  • Some models are not intended for heavy bikes, Some models are not intended for heavy bikes, bicycles that exceed 30 KG in weight.
  • Bicycles cannot be raised.


Mobile stands-elevators for bicycles

Price: from 1500 to about 3500 euros.

Most of these bike repair stands, incorporate an electric motor or other lifting system that allows positioning heavy bikes at a comfortable working height. There is not much variety of models; not all are 100% mobile. To guarantee the desired stability, some models recommend fixing the support to the ground when you need to lift bicycles weighing more than 25 kg.


  • You can move the stand on smooth surfaces, even with the bike tied up.
  • Collapsed, they take up little space.
  • You can lift heavy bikes and place them in more comfortable positions.
  • You can transport them by van to other spaces or competitions.


  • Some models must be anchored to the ground to lift more than 25 kg.
  • Some do not reach a meter and a half in height.
  • The price is higher than the basic ones but not much more than the fixed lifts.

Know the key data to choose a good bicycle support

  • What support do I buy?
  • What bikes can you grab?
  • Is it what I need for my workshop and way of working?
  • Prices for workshops, department stores or more than one purchase.

In the technical datasheet, you can find information about weight, dimensions, functionalities, consumption, etc.

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Fixed supports-elevators to repair bicycles

Price: between 1700 and 3900 euros.

Currently, on the market, there are more options and brands of fixed supports-elevators to repair bicycles than mobile ones. Most of the models take up space and if you have a small workshop, is a problem. Ezoord does not take up space and can be moved at any time. These fixed supports have an advantage, some models can add accessories on demand, such as extra trays, electrical connections, USB, LEDs or even an extra anchor to hold two bicycles simultaneously. In this case, the support is heavier and requires two independent motors.


  • Some models are customizable with accessories to hang wheels or compressed air intakes, among others.
  • They can lift heavy bikes.


  • They can’t move.
  • They take up space.

Lifting systems used in bicycle repair stands

Electric motor

EIt is the most widespread system among bicycle lifts; however, each repair model has a different type of motor. There are models that have an industrial motor, and others use chain motors, and in our case, we use an electronically controlled telescopic lifting column. With electronic control, we have extra functionalities: automatic elevation, memory positions, height precision and an anti-entrapment safety system (ISP).

Pneumatic system

This system uses pressurized air; therefore, it does not depend solely on the electrical connection as it requires a compressor attached to the lift. . There is a compressed air connection on these supports for use with the bicycle

Gas clamp system

An economic system without additional cost. Perfect for those who don’t have a power outlet or battery nearby. The drawback, depending on the weight of the bicycle you must exert manual force, if the bicycle is heavy you will have to exert force to raise it and if it is light you will have to exert force to lower it.

Recommendations for choosing bicycle repair stands

Depending on the use and type of bicycle

Repairing a bike at home is not the same as constantly working in the workshop, but if you have a fat model, cruiser or e-bike, you may need a stronger bicycle repair stand. In any case, you can take into account the characteristics of your bike and the essential features in the workshop stands for electric bicycles:

  • Bike measurements.
  • Weight of the bike and maximum weight of the support.
  • The height at which you want to repair the bike.
  • If you need the bike to turn and be in more comfortable positions.
  • Material and design of the support.
  • Clamp type.


It’s not nonsense. Some electric lifts have a higher noise level than vacuum cleaners. For comparison, the Ezoord elevator in motion is <48dB, more like a fridge.

Work or storage place

Are you going to work outdoors or indoors? Consider the IP level and the paint system used, in this way you will avoid oxidation and wear that can impair the operation of the repair support.

If you choose a basic bicycle stand, remember that there are models that take up little space when folded and you can take them in the car without any problem.


Some systems have electric motors with an unprotected chain, dangerous because it is easy to get caught in some parts of the body. Others have security buttons, and, in our case, we use ISP, an intelligent anti-entrapment security system.

I hope this article has served as a guide for you. At Phoenix Mecano, we have been creating jobs for decades and the Ezoord Standard or Heavy-Duty bicycle repair stands are the efficient and safe workstations you need for the bicycle workshop.

Know the key data to choose a good bicycle support

  • What support do I buy?
  • What bikes can you grab?
  • Is it what I need for my workshop and way of working?
  • Prices for workshops, department stores or more than one purchase.

In the technical datasheet, you can find information about weight, dimensions, functionalities, consumption, etc.

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