Sede Phoenix Mecano España

EZOORD is a trademark of Phoenix Mecano España, S.A. [🡥], which sells a line of engineering products for equipping the bicycle and electric mobility sector.


With Ezoord we want to unite our passion for the bicycle with our experience in the industrial sector by creating innovative products for the workshop.

Sacha Hutchinson

Sacha Hutchingson
General Manager CEO

I love nature, to travel and to discover places. This is why I consider the bicycle the best ecological way to move around and find this special sites. In 1989 I started mountain biking and since then it is a very important part of my life.

I enjoy riding my MTB as well as the mechanical part. When I bought my first eBike with 25Kgs of weight and I tried to hold it to the bike stand for maintenance, I immediately saw the problem.This is why together with my team we have developed most probably the best solution available in the market.

I invite you to try it and experience how it improves your workshop considerably.

Levi Sandor

Levi Sandor
Technical Manager

Riding a bike is a hobby synonymous of health, fun and freedom, which I enjoy big part of my free time.

Mechanics is another of my great passions and an essential part of my profession.

Join these two great passions allowed me to focus on one goal: to make the maintenance and repair of our bikes a pleasant, ergonomic and fun task.

When the project became a future product, we gave it a much more professional approach and designed a product that allowed us to save time and costs, thus improving customer service.

Fran García

Fran García
Dept. Sales Technician and BDM

I am passionate about the mountains and have been cycling since I was very young, and combining both passions gives me energy in life. have been practicing Trail/Enduro for 6 years and I would not change it for anything.

I love challenges and I try to transfer what I live on the bike to my day life in a way of constant improvement.

What attracts me most about this project is that it is made for and by cyclists, designed for mechanics and cyclists who love mechanics.

It will not disappoint anyone.


Sistemas Phoenix Mecano España, S.A.,Founded in Zaragoza in 1995, is part of the Multinational Phoenix Mecano AG based in Switzerland, present throughout the world in more than 64 locations.

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Sistemas Phoenix Mecano España, S.A. customized solutions, projects and industrial components for a global industry.

We are global competitors in the sector of components for industry. At our headquarters,here in Zaragoza, we have specialized divisions in: 

  • electrical/industrial enclosures,  
  • linear technique (linear units, lifting columns, electric cylinders),
  • bonding systems (joints for aluminium tubes and profiles) ,  
  • and electrical and electronic components.  

Together with our clients, we create customized solutions aimed at quality manufacturing for different sectors and industries, such as measurement and control instruments,IoT, renewable energies, transport, aerospace engineering, agriculture and livestock, health and care, industry 4.0, packaging, HORECA, furniture, leisure, etc. 

“Quality products certified by reference entities in the sector”.